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We are excited to partner up again with our neighbors 

32oz Boston Round Growlers are back after a 3 year hiatus!

Come get your own for $5 and fill it with you favorite fresh Lucky Hare Craft Brew To-Go today!

Conan the Barvarian & Show Me Your Brussels will be available Friday @ our Hector Taproom - come in and enjoy the fresh flavors!

12oz Black is Beautiful - Imperial Stout $6/14

12oz Fruit Salad - Fruit Sour $6/14

16oz Falcon Punch IPA - $6/16

16oz Live Action IPA $6/16

19.2oz Cream Jeans - Cream Ale - $5/14


This Bier de Garde we made in collaboration with Mark McQuade, our Homebrew Competition Winner! Clean, malty profile with a nice Belgian flavor. $8 / Bottle 6.9% ABV

Fig, raisin, plum & cherry notes. Happy 4th Anny. $10/bottle 10% ABV