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We are bringing the beer festival to you, AGAIN!

Announcing #3 of DLG’s virtual beer festival series… 


Drink Like a Girl X Curtain Up Backyard Brewfest! 

The official Curtain Up Beer kick-off event!



With the recent news of Brewfest cancellations across the country, 

Fresh cans of our brandy new Wheat IPA to be delivered Saturday afternoon (TBD) 1/23

Available in 4 Packs / Singles / Cases for shipping, delivery, pickup & in house! 

Join the CSC today! Every week from Jan 8th to the end of March we will be delivering fresh beer to your selected pickup location. You will receive the latest beer release before everyone else.

Turkey - Gotta start with the turkey because it is the star of the show, unless it ends up being dry...

$14 - $18 Ask Your Bartender!

32oz Boston Round Growlers are back after a 3 year hiatus!

Come get your own for $5 and fill it with you favorite fresh Lucky Hare Craft Brew To-Go today!