BBlack is Beautiful

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Black is Beautiful


Lucky Hare Brewing exists with a vision of promoting community, equality, and fairness.

The issues our community are facing are not new. The voices that are speaking up have been systemically silenced for generations by those in power, and that abuse must stop now.

It is our duty to listen to the historically marginalized; to analyze ourselves and make necessary changes; to uplift those around us who have been cast aside for inhumane reasons.

At Lucky Hare, we are committed to ending systemic racism against people of color. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

At Lucky Hare, we are committed to fighting for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. CELEBRATE PRIDE.

Not only must we hold law enforcement officers accountable for their actions, but we need to hold those who are in power accountable for their decisions. We must celebrate and empower those who stand up for what is right and continue to move upward. 

We must hold our representatives accountable for their inaction. We must elect individuals who will represent We The People, not Corporations and lobbyists, and pass laws that finally put an end to racial injustice and provide equal rights for all. The time to act is now.

At Lucky Hare, we are committed to learning more about ourselves and to bettering not only the environment we have created, but the community around us.

“The roots of sexism and homophobia are found in the same economic and political institutions that serve as the foundation of racism in this country and, more often than not, the same extremist circles that inflict violence on people of color are responsible for the eruptions of violence inspired by sexist and homophobic biases. Our political activism must clearly manifest our understanding of these connections.”

― Angela Y. Davis, Women, Culture, and Politics

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