TThe Rise Continues

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The Rise Continues

It has been an extremely long time since I even thought about "The Rise of The Lucky Hare". We began this tiny blogging experiment to share with anyone who would read about us exactly what was going on with our brewing project. We wanted to share what our goals were, and how Lucky Hare would be different from the then 300 breweries in New York State. Once the realization hit that we should be filling this slumbering blog with relevant, and hopefully funny content, I hit the coffee hard and began planning on what we would be writing about. We will certainly continue to share what we are all about and how we operate not just in our taprooms, but in our new facility moving forward. We will share and explain our brewing process and how we approach making Lucky Hare beers. Lastly, we will hopefully capture the fun and excitement that we have when it comes to both brewing and pouring you the beer that we care so much about. It has been a fast 6 years since this all began to take shape, lets hope we can capture the next six and beyond!

  • These were big to me at the time.
  • R&D in 2014
  • Old brewhouse, current pilot system
  • Lucky Hare Starter Kit
  • We once thought this would be the brewery and tasting room. Ha!

By now, everyone has heard that we have moved into a brand new brewery located in Watkins Glen, NY at the FLX Premium Beverage facility. We began this project over 2 years ago knowing that our small farm brewery was not going to handle what we set out to do. We decided to venture into the idea of expansion after only 1 year. We are now in a fantastic facility, in an actual brewery with sloped floors and drainage that doesn't require additional squeegeeing (yes, that is a real word), with heat and ventilation and the ability to brew even if the wind is blowing out of the West at 15 mph or more. We have a keg washer/filler that couldn't be further from the contraption that was expertly put together to manually wash the thousands of kegs that we filled and poured from.  It is truly a night and day experience.

From 5 gallons to 15 Barrels.

It is sad to leave the barn, just kidding. I can say that the barn will and will not be missed, if that is possible. That thing would be 115F in July and would be whatever temp it was outside in the dead of Winter. We burned through multiple AC units to keep the cold room cold. We would have to light the Boil Kettle with a long pole stuffed with a piece of flaming newspaper at the end to bring the wort to boil. Grain was carried in through the front door bag by bag to be loaded into our make shift grain room(I know, Waaaa waaaa waaaa!). With that said, the barn was a constant reminder of all the hard work we put into the brewery. From all of the friends and employees that helped in the beginning, to the evolution of needing to add another brewer because we just couldn't keep up. Lucky Hare is a small example of what great community support and some good beer can do. We are watching a craft beer explosion right before our eyes. Tons of breweries are experiencing the same thing we have gone through, and it could not be a more welcomed sight.

So with all of that, we will be cranking away in our neighborless Production Facility (if you are looking for some great space I have the contact for you to be our neighbor). We have brought our 3bbl Stout system with us to brew some fantastic collaborations, use it as an educational tool and of course make some really delicious beer. The music will still be loud and we will continue to be as welcoming as we were before because without any of you, we would not be here.

Here are some of our happy staff .....

Photo Credit (clockwise): Image 1 @lifeisastrawberry, Images 3 & 4 @craftbeerdeer

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