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118 West Green Street, Unit 6 Ithaca, NY 14850

Pretty Fly for a White Chai / White Chai Tea Cream Ale


Brewed for the Cream Ale Fest at Roc Brewing this year, Pretty Fly is a crispy and delicious Cream Ale enhanced with the wonderfully fragrant and spicy white chai tea. The aroma is inviting and the beer is flavorful with notes of cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon, and peppercorn and anise. Pretty Fly is a one time brew and may never be made again!!!!!!!!

Wild Hare Peche / Foeder Aged Sour Ale on Peaches


This Second beer in our Wild Hare Series, which will be a line of “Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beers,” is a “Peche.'' It was fermented and aged in our Foeder, which is basically a very large barrel, for about a year. We then added 500 lbs of NYS peaches, which aged for another 6 months. It has a complex acidity from the mixed culture of bacteria and yeast with a well balanced peach character. It is dry, crisp, refreshing, and endlessly complex.

Respect Your Elders / Elderberry Kolsch / Collab with Big Red Brewing


The fun and talented students that are a part of the Cornell Homebrew Club, Brewing Big Red, worked with us to create this Elderflower Kolsch that we are calling Respect Your Elders. The Kolsch yeast is a bit of an Ale and Lager hybrid. It is an Ale yeast but goes through a lengthy cold lagering phase (or cold conditioning) to help give it the clarity that is characteristic of the style. We added elderflower at the end of boil to add a floral and spicy complexity to the crisp, and clean character of this beer. Enjoy fresh and ice cold.

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